in my studio: marigolds

I've been failing miserably at working in my sketchbook every day this month (4 days out of 10, though I guess I can't count today yet), but I have been working on art. Remember those marigolds in my garden? Well, as I was grabbing one of my geranium plants to bring into my studio, I also cut a stem of marigolds as a quick little painting to work on before diving in to the geranium painting.

I mixed my colors and I tested them out.

And I soon realized that this was not going to be a quick painting.

That was ok with me, because I was loving working on this one. Loving the sprig of marigolds in their vintage ink bottle. Loving the smell of them. Loving the colors of paint on my palette and on my test papers. (And loving playing around with taking photos while I worked).

Loving using my tiniest brushes. Adding layer after layer of delicate detail.

Loving the whole process.

And loving how it turned out by the end.


  1. Oh, this is especially lovely, Anne!

  2. Beautiful process and a very lovely result!! This one is especially beautiful!!

  3. Dear Anne, I love how unique and beautiful are your plants paintings and I love to see the process of creating them. Fantastic photographs from your art journey and fantastic work!

  4. Anne... I love this painting!! I think it's one of my favourites!!
    Do you know what?? I took my water colour out of the drawers!! I'd love to be as good as you are!! Have a nice week!!

  5. That's a beautiful painting Anne


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