joy list monday

  • gorgeous weather
  • pancakes for breakfast
  • cut flowers all over the house
  • nasturtiums
  • our first ripe tomatoes (eaten unphotographed)
  • reading good books (just finished this and am almost finished with this)
What's bringing you joy today?


  1. Oh original comment seemed to disappear :-( Never mind it (roughly) said:
    This is a list worthy of being joyful for! Although its Tuesday now my Joy list today is: 1. Fabulous friends 2. Wonderful hubbie and kids 3. Being well enough to drive 4. Being well enough to get lost in creating 5. Sunshine and a garden full of flowers :-)
    Hope your Tuesday is as joy-filled as your Monday.
    Kat Xx

  2. Anne, your blog is bringing me joy today!
    Your posts always give me a little lift, thank you :)

  3. Your joy list monday posts bring me joy! I like the look of the language of flowers book too.

  4. Hi Anne,
    I have been among the missing as regards leaving comments, but I did love your previous, beautiful flower photos and paintings. Happy August!


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