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I'm not usually one to be looking at the big picture. I'm more of a detail person. Out and about I'm more likely to take a photograph of a single flower instead of the whole garden. I see the whole garden, but I choose to focus on that single flower. If I'm sharing that garden on my blog you aren't really going to get a sense of what it looks like, though, are you?

Recently my friend Sharon shared some photos of the beauty around her in Colorado on her blog and inspired me to share some of the beauty around here, too. It's lovely here in the Driftless Region and lately Matthias and I have been trying to go for drives and explore whenever we can. There's a wonderful map of the area put out by Driftless Wisconsin that I use to plot our course. Matthias drives; I find interesting places to explore. I often don't bring a camera and when I do the photos often fail to capture the drama and beauty of the bluffs, hills, ridges, hollows and valleys that make this area special. Even so, I'll share some of the photos I've collected this spring and summer as we've gone exploring.

3 Chimney's Rock Formation just north of town:

Views near Kickapoo Valley Reserve:

The Kickapoo River Museum in Gays Mills:

View of the Mississippi from Lansing, Iowa:

In the Kickapoo River State Wildlife Area:

Driving along the Wisconsin River near Boscobel (as seen through a buggy windshield):

A field just south of town we see on our daily walks:

Where have you been exploring lately?


  1. Anne, for a lovely & interesting destination consider the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, about a 2 hour drive from Viroqua. It's right behind the Ho-Chunk casino along a 2 lane road. Educational and awe inspiring. https://www.savingcranes.org/ (ps, I painted my orchid last week -- will post at facebok maybe).

  2. Italy lately :)) photos soon x it always strikes me how big America is - you have so much sky and space

  3. Wow - I feel like I've been on vacation just from wandering through your photos! Such wonderful long vistas and pretty skies in your shots. Thanks for the blog shout out too :)

  4. One of my best friends just left after a lovely visit. We went to a few of my favorite places in Vermont. You might really love yesterday's post. :-)
    Thanks for taking me to Wisconsin. I've been there a few times, but not to your neighborhood. So rural and peaceful.

  5. I once had a boss who told me that I couldn't see the wood for the trees! You live in a lovely part of the World Anne - so vast with limitless sky! Thanks for taking me on a journey with you!

  6. Wow, it looks amazing - thank you for sharing. It makes me feel like I've travelled a little of America when I see your photos and it helps me get to know you even more too :-) Love the rock formation especially but also like to see an abundance of trees.
    Kat xx


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