in denial

So. Today is August 26. It's nearing the end of August. I don't like saying that. I don't like saying that it's nearing the end of summer, either. Nope, I certainly don't. I like to be able to say, it is summer. And it still is, but time just keeps swooping by and before we know it...

It feels as if summer has just started. These last few days it's finally gotten hot and sticky. And things like this have been happening:

The flowers keep on coming. The sweet peas (which have never bloomed as much or as long for me as they have this year):

And, of course, the nasturtiums:

And, finally, the tomatoes have been ripening.

My favorite. Tomatoes and tomatoes and tomatoes. To eat warm from the vine. To cut into salads. To eat in BLTs. To roast. To cook into sauce. In salsa. Gazpacho. Bruschetta. At the farm they're ripening like crazy. In my garden they're mostly still all green. So you see, it can't be the end of summer yet. There's too much still to do. Like ripen, if you're a tomato. Or sit in the garden drinking iced tea and reading a good book (I just finished this one, a perfect summer read). If I look back at my list of joyful things to do this summer, I see that there's still so many things I want to do. I haven't really done any stargazing and I haven't made ice cream or eaten ice cream sandwiches.

So I guess, what I need to learn from these feelings of denial and hesitancy is the necessity for savoring these last weeks of summer. I'm ready. What about you?


  1. Most spectacular sunflower I have ever seen!

  2. "Like ripen, if you're a tomato." I say the same thing to our tomatoes. :) I love the sweet peas. I wish I was there to smell them. I hope you can enjoy some more summer things before it ends.

  3. What a beautiful photo sequence of that flower opening!! Don't worry, there is still time left and I know you'll fill it with joyful things, Anne! Enjoy each day!! And, yes, I too am savoring time spent on my porch with my kitties and a book!

  4. Beautiful flowers and tomatoes too! Summer seems like a distant memory here although it is supposed to return in September! It has been unseasonably cool and wet for the last couple of weeks and the leaves are already beginning to turn. I am hoping to have a quiet transition from summer to autumn extracting the best delights from both ; warm and comforting apple crumble and summery vanilla ice cream! Enjoy the rest of your summer Anne :)

  5. Dear Anne, it is so good to visit your blog again. Your summer is definitely not finished yet. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs! Your tomatoes look yummy and amazing, well done! and your garden Anne is filled with love and magic!

  6. I am eating a lot of tomatoes, too...John planted a few plants and they are full with tomatoes!!
    Enjoy the hot weather and your garden!


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