hello, September

There's no way around it. September is here. And I'm ok with that, mostly. There's lots to look forward to in September. Fun things to do. Good things to make and eat (I'm thinking about apple cake right now...). Walks in the woods. In August we finally made our way to the park that's just outside of town. Why did it take us so long?

Although September dawned dark and rainy (my least favorite attributes of fall), I'm looking forward to many beautiful September walks. Even if some of them end up looking more like this,

I'll be ok with that. There will still be colors (and other beauties and joys) to savor.

And if I'm stuck inside more than I'd like, I'll be ok with that, too. I'll just be sure to be stuck inside with plenty of flowers as long as they keep blooming.

Which I'm hoping will be a good, long time.

I'm also hoping that some late bloomers won't end up being too late for this year.

There's still time for these flowers to become eggplants, right? (I'm not going to hold my breath).

On another flowery note, starting a week from tomorrow, my bachelor buttons painting will be on display at the National Heirloom Exposition at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. The Art of the Heirloom show is curated by the Hudson Valley Seed Library. (I was so focused while I was framing and packing my painting that I forgot to take a photo of it in its frame).

I'm so excited and I wish I could go. Not just to see my painting on exhibit (although that would be pretty cool, too), but because the fair sounds like it would be fun.

In other arty news, my watercolor pendants are on sale right now in my art shop.

And I've been working on my 2015 calendars. I plan to have them available starting sometime in the next week or so.

Please, September, take your time, ok?

What do you have planned for this coming month?


  1. Your photos are full of gorgeousness. Color, light, texture. You captured these precious days so well. Congrats on the exposition! So happy for you.

  2. Congratulations on making it into the juried show...a big deal! Gretta gave me a bunch of packets of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library for my birthday in April. The illustrations on the packets are amazing, and the veggies were/are prolific!

    I'll be checking my mailbox for the nasturtium pendant, so excited!


  3. A gorgeous post full of beautiful photos and your inspirational creations. Those watercolour pendants are stunning, pretty and cute. And it must be exciting to have your art on show. You sound a busy and inspired girly. Happy September to you my friend :-)
    Kat xx

  4. congrats on exhibition!!! What a beautiful beginning of September. Gorgeous views and photos, Anne!


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