print giveaway drawing!

I was getting so excited thinking about choosing the winner for the giveaway today. I came up with my idea of how to choose the winner (see my past methods here) and started prepping everything, taking photos along the way. When I drew the winner I promptly forgot about all those other photos I'd taken and before photographing the winner's name I deleted all the photos off my camera. Um, yeah. Oops. Where's my head?

At least I took a photo with my phone during the prep to document my chaotic work table (guess it's as chaotic in my head as it is on my table).

Anyway, this time around I decided to punch circles out of some scrap cardstock, punch holes in those circles and write the names of the participants on those circles. As I wrote the names I was filled with the warmth of gratitude and love for each of you who have been so kind and encouraging during my creative journey (even if it's just tapping "like" beneath my Instagram photos, I really appreciate it!). I wish I could send a print to each of you.

Next I tied a small bit of ribbon through each hole to make a little loop. And then I placed all those circles in my newly thrifted colander.

(Maybe you noticed it in my last post? I'm completely smitten with it and the fact that I picked it up for only 25 cents).

Now this next part, the actual choosing, was inspired by my brother. I was also thinking about those children's DIY fishing games. Instead of using some sort of makeshift fishing pole I just used the turning tool I use when sewing. I shook up the names in the colander. I closed my eyes. I put the turning tool into the colander, pulled it out, opened my eyes and checked to see that I picked up a name (and I did on the first try!).

Jennifer Laughter, you are the winner! I'll be wrapping up the print of the Purple Oxalis in a Mint Bowl and sending it out as soon as I have your address (email me with it at anne at mygiantstrawberry dot com).

Thank you to all of you who played along. I'm still sending out those good vibes. I hope you can feel them.


  1. Jennifer Laughter! Such a fantastic name! I love your inventive ways of picking out a winner Anne. You put so much thought into everything that you do. Beautiful new header - the colours are so pleasing.

  2. Congrats to Jennifer! (The purple oxalis was my other choice) I know she will be so happy when she finds out.

    Anne you are so creative and have such a way about you taking ordinary activities and making them so special. It shows your thoughtfulness and value you have for your friends. It doesn't go unnoticed :-)

  3. Wonderful name - fabulous colander. Mine is just like it and was probably in a large laundry basket of goodies as a wedding shower gift #& years ago. Now, it looks pretty much like yours!


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