savor september -- the fair!

In my little town (and in many others) September means it's time for the fair.

My two favorite parts of the fair are the animals and the food. This year I got my fill of both (I'd be embarrassed to admit just how much fried food I ate -- we went three times and I ate something, sometimes multiple somethings, each time).

The animals always make me think of Charlotte's Web, which was my favorite book as a child. I always wished that I could be Fern, raising tiny baby Wilbur, feeding him with a bottle of milk. Growing up in suburban Chicago this wasn't possible, but I did feed my stuffed pigs with my baby doll bottles, living on a farm in my imagination. It's kind of amazing to me now to be living in a farm community and although I no longer want to raise pigs (oh, but the pigs at the fair were cute...), I do hope to someday have some other farm animals. Until then there's always my imagination. And the fair.

This tiny, long-legged bantam rooster made me laugh (oh, the crowing going on in that building).

I adored the goats.

Their sweet little faces. Their intelligent, curious eyes. I didn't take many photos of them because I was too busy petting them and letting them nibble on my fingers.

The most impressive animals at the fair were the draft horses. Because of bad weather on Friday, the number of draft horses participating in the competitions was less than it was supposed to be, but it was still wonderful to watch them. We stayed to watch quite a few of the classes. I was most impressed by the youth class (ages 9-13). The little girl who got first place did a great job (they all did, really). The teams of 8 horses were also amazing to watch. I couldn't even imagine holding that many reins!

The most beautiful was this mixed team. Three Percherons and a Belgian.

Each was a different color (the one in back was completely black). So striking.

One fair event that I'd never experienced before was a tractor pull. We went to the "antique" pull, which was all older tractors (some still used as farm tractors). The point of the competition is to see how far the tractor can pull a weighted sled. Whoever goes the farthest wins.

What a strange (but also fun) event. And the evening was beautiful

if more than a bit cold. I was wearing my winter coat, a hat and gloves and had a blanket around my legs, but still was chilled by the time we left.

Another day at the fair there was a children's tractor pull with pedal tractors. So funny and so cute.

Do you have a fair near you or are there other late summer/early autumn festivals in your area?


  1. What a great description of the fair, Anne!! I can just feel your enthusiasm! Terrific photos, too!
    We have all kids of craft fairs around here in the fall, but I'm hoping we'll be able to go to a country fair or two also!!

  2. I love the fair! For the food and the animals! My sis and I got to see the Baraboo County Fair one year. Loved it.

    "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”
    ― E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

  3. The Tunbridge World's Fair is an annual treat for us. I love so many things about it. The little kids with their animals are just wicked cute. And the oxen. Oh, I do love them. Such fun to see the Wisconsin version of an autumn fair!


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