savor september -- savoring

Ah, September. You psyched us out with some cold, cold days, maybe just to help us appreciate how beautiful you are now. 

The garden is still providing. 

Only a few things seem to have been touched by frost. I had to pull out the last of the basil, harvesting the unaffected leaves. The poor moonflower vine growing in the backyard (which was full of flowerbuds) looks quite pathetic, but the one in the front looks fine. I may get a few more flowers yet.

There are plenty of other flowers still blooming in the garden of which I'm glad because the hummingbirds weren't chased away by those nights in the 30s. Every time I go into the yard I see one, visiting every flower it can find. They make me so happy, especially knowing that they're enjoying my flowers.

I've been trying to make sure I spend some time outside each day. Sometimes doing nothing but sitting in the sunshine watching the hummingbirds. And I'm making sure to keep bringing in the flowers.

Even so, it's feeling a bit more like fall each day. The days are shortening. I'm wearing sweaters and jeans. There's woodsmoke in the air. Matthias made chili and I'm fantasizing about soup and baking.

What about you? What have you been savoring?


  1. Lovely photos Anne. It has turned a bit chilly here too although we haven't gone to freezing yet. I've been wearing sweaters too and today I may make oatmeal raisin cookies. I made my first soup of the season last week. I've been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine too before the cloudy days show up.

  2. Savoring the lovely weather. I like it best when it cools off but it's not yet cold.

  3. The slant of the light in the late afternoon.
    Driving through pockets of fog and sunshine early in the morning.
    Tea. So many different kinds of tea.
    Root veggies from the garden.
    Blankets on the bed.

  4. Well I've been savoring your beautiful posts, along with the last days of summer warmth. Savoring the last of the lushness of the trees and the green... we've had so much rain in my area that just looking out you would think it is late July. It's just beginning to get twinges of yellowing.

    Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colander!


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