savoring september with joy list monday

  • sunshine
  • leftover quiche found in the freezer and re-heated for lunch
  • the smell of nasturtium flowers in my studio
  • watercolors
  • hot earl grey tea
  • the tinges and hints of autumn colors appearing in the trees
  • walking errands in town
  • treasures brought home from the library
  • cicadas still singing
  • honeybees (I've seen more this last week or so than I have all summer)
  • birds eating the seeds from the sunflower heads in the garden
  • apple cake (this recipe tweaked -- less oil and sugar and more cinnamon, vanilla and apples)
  • nighttime thunder storms
  • chickadees
  • tomatoes
  • kind words from friends and strangers
  • sitting in the sunshine with the dogs in the garden
What joys have you been savoring lately?


  1. Sunshine, visiting with my sister in law, chili, cookies, starting a new sock (just to learn) and reading.

    That apple cake looks yummy!

  2. your photograph and words, what a beautiful joy and appreciation of life. Thank you for sharing this, Anne and much love to you!
    p.s your new page set up looks great!

  3. Your joy list makes me happy too. We have a bit of heat this week and I'm grateful for it - my potted geraniums are bursting with blooms before fall's cool nights shut them down. I'm loving my herb pots this week, drying oregano and rosemary for fall dishes.

  4. Even though I am reading this on Sunday, Anne, I can sense your Monday joy! I love your photo - cat and leaves in squares of sunshine - makes me feel nostalgic and thoughtful… Your joy lists always make me look a bit more carefully at life going on around me! Thank you for that!


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