4 Year Blogiversary

Four years ago today I wrote my first blog post on Blogger. That post was just a test and didn't really say anything, but officially it was the first post (the first real post was a day later). It's so strange to think back to that time. I had just taken a giant leap for my dreams (without any clear thought of exactly what those dreams were or where I was headed). I had recently opened an Etsy shop and was about to join Art Every Day Month. I had not yet started painting and although I desperately wanted to be able to say "yes", if you had asked me if I was an artist I would probably have said, "no".

So much has happened since then. My blog has changed and evolved. I have changed and evolved. My dreams have gotten so much clearer. And now I declare proudly that I am an artist. There has been heartache and there has been joy. And through all of it, with a few short pauses, I have kept blogging. I have met some wonderful, inspiring people along the way. People who have encouraged me and without even knowing it held me accountable and challenged me to go further.

Looking back at these last four years fills me with such a mix of emotions. Oh, life, you are such a strange and beautiful and magical thing.

Recently I went through all of the blogs that I've bookmarked over the years with the purpose of finding one in particular that was only a faint memory. There were a lot. I mean, a LOT. And I looked at each one and tried to remember why I'd bookmarked it. Some I'd bookmarked for inspiration. Some were people I'd met blogging. Many I didn't even remember. Going through them I noticed that some were slick with ads and some looked very awkward and dated. Quite a few no longer existed. Some had links to new sites (and sometimes even those "new" sites no longer existed). Some were just gone. Many were still there but no longer being written. Usually the last post was something like "I can't believe it's been so long since I last wrote here". They tried to get back to it, but it hadn't worked.

Although I've taken a few breaks from blogging, I have never considered giving it up entirely. It makes me think, why do I blog. It's not a question I ask myself very often. I just do it. I guess my blogiversary would be a good time to consider the question. Why do I blog?

To express myself. To hold myself accountable. To challenge myself. As a record of this journey. To connect with others. To share my work. There are many reasons. And although many people consider the blog to be dead, I'm still hanging in there. (If you Google "the end of blogging" or "death of blogs" and see what you get. I was interested to notice that some of these articles and posts were written as far back as 2010).

And so, dear readers, I want to thank you. For reading. For encouraging me. For being there. For holding me accountable. For challenging me. Some of you have been here almost since the beginning. Some of you have joined me more recently. It makes me happy to know that you're reading my words and that perhaps I've been able to brighten your day or inspire you.

Here's to much more joy and inspiration for us all.


  1. Dear Anne, happy anniversary! How I could not follow your blog and your art. You are such a beautiful and inspiring artist! I know that blogging gets less and less popular but provides the space to open and share our thoughts with others. It seems to me more intimate and heartful form of expressing and sharing than other web mediums. Big hugs to you Anne from cold and windy North!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! I count you among my best blogger friends and I'm glad you feel compelled to continue to share your world with us. Your messages of joy and personal growth are a pleasure I look forward to reading :) Here's to new discoveries in the changing world of blogging!

  3. Yours is one of my favorites Anne, and I thank Judy for "introducing" me to you and your lovely mom. I am so glad you are still here. Keep on posting and I'll keep on reading. xo

  4. I have always enjoyed your blog, Anne. There is a clarity and elegance about your words and your paintings - I'm so glad to have found you, way back when! You've developed so much as an artist - it is amazing! Congratulations on 4 wonderful years, and I'm so glad you plan to continue. Happy, happy Blogiversary! :)

  5. Happy Blogiversay Anne. I too, discovered your blog and your Mum's blog through Judy. Your blog is a visual treat and you always give me something to ponder on. You introduced joy list monday to me and inspired me to write in a little joy journal. I hope you have many more years of blogging!

  6. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging. Your blog is one of a handful that I still read regularly. You always share pretty photos and words. It's great to see what you are up to. :)

  7. Thank you each so much. Each of you and all of your kind comments are one of the reasons I keep blogging!


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