a lesson from pillowcases

I have a small collection of embroidered pillowcases.

I found them at thrift stores and didn't pay very much for any of them. They all have crochet edging and floral designs. They're not perfect. There are some stains and at least one has a hole. And yet until recently they all stayed packed away. Although I have fantasies of making up my bed with a mix of beautiful vintage linens I never used any of them. Why? I guess I was saving them. For what, I'm not sure. A prettier bed to dress? More vintage linens with which to coordinate? I was a little scared of washing them, but the signs of use should have told me that they'd already been washed, probably many times and the embroidery and crochet had held up. Then one day a few weeks ago I was looking for something else and came across the pillowcases. I was doing some laundry that day and hanging some of it on the line. I grabbed two of the pillowcases and threw them in the washer.

That night we slept on a bed with fun mis-matched linens, pillowcases dried in the sunshine. And we have been ever since.

There's no point in packing things away to use "someday". Even things more precious than my thrift store bargain pillowcases. Light the "good" candle. Drink the special tea. Hang that piece of art even if you don't have the prefect place for it yet. Enjoy each day today, not someday.

It makes me think of the story behind the name of my friend Sharon's blog. Even stored away those precious things we're saving may not last. So use them. Love them. Enjoy them.

What about you? Is there something you've been saving for "someday"?


  1. YES! I say this kind of thing all the time! Life is for living.
    I love to use my antique sterling silver flatware and pretty china daily. It makes the washing up a bit more fun, too, to look at all those pretty designs. Love this post, Anne!

  2. Anne, you captured my sentiments exactly! Use your best goods, everyday. Enjoy what life offers you because every day is a feast and we all bring unique talents to the table. Your pillow cases were mostly likely created with love and through use you expand that happiness to include your household. Thank you for mentioning my blog :)

  3. Beautiful story and photos, Anne. They sweetly remind me of a few I have that were made by my mother and grandmother. In fact, I was just looking at one that my mother made with my name on it, she never finished it but I never noticed until last night. You've just inspired a blog post for me.

  4. A lovely post Anne. You were lucky to get those embroidered linens and I bet they looked so pretty on your bed. I don't save things 'for best' anymore unless I have bought something (say a dress) specifically for a special occassion.


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