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October second doesn't really sound like a propitious time for a fresh start. It's not the first day of the week or the month or the year. It's not my birthday or any special day. But I'm wiping the slate clean and starting fresh today.

I spent the past two days taking an online course on CreativeLive. I hadn't even heard of the site before seeing Lisa Congdon mention her course. It sounded great and because watching it streaming live (and rebroadcast) was free, I decided to try it. I am so glad that I did. There was so much great information, but what was most inspiring to me was 1) the idea that BIG goals can be broken down into small, actionable tasks (I know that's not a "new" concept -- it's not even new to me -- but it resonated with where I am in my creative journey) and 2) Lisa's approach to her workflow and schedule. Working through the exercises in class I realized that my biggest problem is that I am disorganized, have no schedule and no master plan for my goals.

So here I am, October second, ready to make some changes. Ready to get organized and start fresh and to accomplish some of those stagnating goals (and some new ones, too). It all takes me back to my word of the year (remember that?): realize. Yes, right now I'm realizing what I need to do next and looking forward to then being able to realize some of my goals.

Along those lines, I was inspired by Dana Barbieri (who along with Elisa Choi is hosting paint along for the month of October) to create this quick paint and ink piece:

I already paint quite a bit so what I'm hoping to accomplish during this paint along is not to paint more but to try some different ways of painting. Quick paintings, hand lettering, mixing watercolor and ink, these are all things I've been wanting to do more of. So I did today (using leftover paint from this painting and this one, too). Here's to a month of experimentation! Do you want to join in with the paint along? Take a look at Dana's post and join us all over on Instagram, too.

What about you? What's been inspiring you lately? Do you have any special plans for the month of October?


  1. I enjoy reading your words Anne. It is always relaxing when I pop into your site. Homey and cozy and full of colors. Your painting is indeed a fresh wonderful start.

  2. What a pretty little painting!
    I'm the same way about being disorganized. I have to make lists for each day right down to the last detail or nothing seems to ever get done. ;)

  3. Oh, good ideas! Both that we can start fresh at anytime and the paint along with Dana and Elisa! I need to work on some long term goals too and this is a good month to do it, before the holidays kick in. Good luck with your restart!

  4. Good luck with your fresh start Anne. To me, you seem very organised already. It will be good to have a schedule and a 'master plan' too!

  5. I think you can create a fresh start any time, so hats off to you, Anne! I love the idea of trying new things and realizing dreams that have been waiting in the wings! I am working on pieces for a show and trying new techniques myself as I do this. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

  6. Gorgeous little painting, Anne. Beautiful start of October!.

  7. Yoga and meditation remind us that we can make a fresh start with any inhalation, at any time or place. It is such a simple thing, but how often do we forget this?

    Your beautiful reminder here, Anne, is much appreciated.

    Here's to a refreshing October!


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