Artist Profile -- Nora Leschinski

One of my favorite things about the Internet in general and sites like Etsy in particular is being able to discover and connect with creative people from all over the world. I sometimes mention recent discoveries here and for a while I've been wanting to do in-depth posts about some of the amazing and creative people I've found online. And so today, I am happy to introduce you to Nora Leschinksi. I recently discovered her wood carvings on Etsy and fell in love with the whimsical, folk-art aesthetic of her work. Nora lives and creates her art in Bernsdorf, Germany. She is trained in wood carving, illustration and paper art.

In the warmer months she works in the barn beside her house.

Nora in her barn 

Perhaps this is another reason that her work speaks to me. Imagining her making art in a beautiful, rural setting, finding inspiration from nature.

Rose Hips Wood Relief

Blue Daisy Wood Relief

It is easy to see that nature is a big influence in her work, whether she's carving or painting

Primitive Bird Painting

or creating with paper.

Paper Cloud Lamp

There is an almost child-like simplicity to her work that is so appealing to me.

Fox Wood Relief

During the colder months she creates in an indoor studio. Simple, colorful, with plants in the windows.

Nora's indoor workspace

her colorful, inspiration-filled drawing table

I think her plant pieces are probably my favorite. Which shouldn't be a surprise because plants are my favorite subject matter in my own art.

Flower Umbel Wood Relief

Each piece I see has something about it that catches my eye. The colors. The simplified shapes. The personality of the subject matter. Like these sweet birds

Birds of Paradise Wood Relief

and this bright mushroom.

Mushroom Wood Relief

I hope this taste of her art has you smitten as well.

This post is the first in my series of Artist Profiles (which eventually became Artist Interviews). Don't miss the other posts; the entire series can be viewed here.

*all photographs in this post are from Nora Leschinski and used with permission


  1. Beautiful art work and a lovely setting to make it too!

  2. Oh my gosh I love her work! Especially adore the rosehips one, of course!

  3. Great feature of a great and very talented artist! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very sweet art. I really like the Rose Hips. Thanks for sharing. :)


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