Artist Profile: Sarah Hand

I don't know what your weather has been like lately, but here it's been so dreary. Foggy. Dark. I'm craving color. So today I'd like to introduce another artist whose colorful work I admire. Sarah Hand's art is not only colorful, but joyful, perfect for a brightening a string of dreary days.

I first encountered Sarah when we were both taking an online painting class. I remember that her blog, Hearts and Needles, caught my eye right away. Her art is whimsical, colorful and fun. Much later I started following Sarah on Instagram where I enjoy watching her pieces take shape (and envy her cute hair). Her art always makes me feel joyful.

Sarah is an artist and teacher who lives in Virginia with her husband and kitties. She describes her art process as "inspiring wonder." I can see that. The magical process as a personality emerges.

paper mache, Hearts and Needles, Sarah Hand, Etsy
Christmas Kitty Paper Mache Brooch

Sarah often works with paper mache. And she makes it look so easy (she even shows you how in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio magazine).

paper mache, mixed media, Hearts and Needles, Etsy, Sarah Hand
Home: Mixed Media Paper Mache Sculpture

Her creations are infused with so much personality.

paper mache sculpture, bird, Hearts and Needles, Etsy, Sarah Hand
Green and Blue Birdie

Sweet faces. Blushing cheeks. Eyelashes.

paper mache, bird, sculpture, Sarah Hand, Etsy, Hearts and Needles
Orange Jello Paper Mache Bird

Sometimes they have freckles.

paper mache doll, Etsy, Sarah Hand, Hearts and Needles
Dreams of Flight Articulated Paper Mache Doll

Always they have distinct personalities,

Sarah Hand, Etsy, Paper Mache, Doll, Hearts and Needles
Wall Doll in a Red Flowered Dress

whether they're people

paper mache, doll, Sarah Hand, Etsy, Hearts and Needles
Forest Dream Doll

or animals

paper mache, bunny, Sarah Hand, Etsy, Hearts and Needles
Sweet Circus Bunny

or even trees!

paper mache, christmas trees, Sarah Hand, Etsy, Hearts and Needles
Paper Mache Christmas Trees

Go take a look at Sarah's Etsy shop, or stop by one of her other online haunts (her Instagram photos always make me smile) for more color and joy.

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*All photographs in this post are © Sarah Hand. Used with Permission.


  1. Great whimsical art! Those birds are so cute. :)

  2. Such cute art works! I love the birds and Christmas trees. Thank you for sharing her art here.

  3. I'm always happy to share my enthusiasms and good art could always use a wider audience!


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