celebrating the little

I've been thinking a lot lately about savoring little beauties. Although it's a constant theme for me I sometimes forget, become bogged down by the day to day. By worries. By the cold. By doubts. Oh, lots of things can sabotage us.

We don't have to let them.

I recently realized that I haven't been getting outside enough. I haven't wanted to. Even the days that aren't so cold seem too cold to me. Walks with the dogs have been quick. But I need good long walks outside. So we've been taking them.

Lately every time I'm out there I see snow hearts on the sidewalk.

hearts in nature

Love notes from winter.

It hasn't been an especially beautiful winter. Not much to photograph.

foggy snowy field

But, truly, there is beauty everywhere. Even if I'm not photographing it, I should be looking. I need to be seeing.

The other day while I was painting there was a burst of snow. Fat, beautiful flakes floating past the plant-lined windows of my studio. The scent of jasmine and paperwhites. The paint on the page. The taste of my Earl Grey tea. I felt truly present and in awe of the beauty around me.

painting paperwhites

I've been enjoying other little things, too. I finally repotted my geranium cuttings and that little bit of gardening done in the kitchen sink and at the kitchen table felt so good.


I've been savoring food. Making big pots of delicious soup (I made this one the other day). Enjoying my quirky tastes and creating sardine sandwiches with minced onion, chopped olives and a squeeze of lemon juice (ok, that did send Matthias out of the room one day, but I loved it). I drank pink lemonade at lunch in a wineglass with a pink straw cut down to size.

Every day gives us chances to celebrate.

What have you been celebrating lately?


  1. I've been drinking my water and lemon with brightly colored straws lately. I had to at first due to dental work but now I really enjoy it. I should try it in fancy glass. :)

  2. Truth be told I feel as I have little to celebrate at the moment Anne. I do enjoy coming here to visit you and see the lovely things you have been making and doing though. Today there wasn't a celebration but I saw something that amused me which was a local supermarket selling 'duffins' which were a cross between a doughnut and a muffin! I wondered why nobody had done it before, or maybe they have and I am just not aware of it! I hope that your week is not too cold and that sun finally makes an appearance.

    1. I hope you're able to find some things to celebrate, Simone. They're there.

      I've never heard of duffins. So silly!

      Thanks for stopping by and hugs to you and Gizmo!

  3. Hello,
    My Christmas Cactus is just starting to bloom. :-)) I love to watch the buds grow and explode into that beautiful big flower. :-))

    1. Yay!!! That is definitely something to celebrate!

  4. I LOVE this, Anne. Pink lemonade in a wine glass with a straw cut down to size is a splendid idea. A simple pleasure elevated just a bit. Nice. I walked downtown today and bought a little sweet smelling candle at one of my favorite shops. Very inexpensive, but I felt pampered when I brought it home and put it in my holder. I love the sunny yellow color. Your photos are all lovely. The first two really show the beauty of winter. I think the field is gorgeous. xxx ~ Nancy

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Hope you do make little celebrations.

      Candles are wonderful, arent' they. so simple and so joyful. We need more pampering, each and every one of us!


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