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I'm really enjoying focusing on painting this month. I have plenty of indoor gardening inspiring my paintings. Cyclamen, hyacinths and now I'm eying the orchids that have been taking their turns opening in my studio window. I am never at a loss for ideas. But I've also been thinking. I want to do some more custom work and I loved the challenge of creating the Red Flower Carpet painting. And so I'm asking you for some help.

palette and paints with oxalis

I recently thought of a fun idea for a giveaway that's a little different than the others I've had. This time I'm asking YOU to suggest which plant or flower I should paint. In a week I'll randomly choose a winner and then I'll do some sketches in my sketchbook before creating a watercolor painting of the winning plant or flower. The person who suggested the plant/flower that I choose will receive an 8"x10" archival print created from that painting. Everyone who makes a suggestion and leaves their email address will receive a 20% off coupon for my shop. I'm thinking that I'll probably spend some time in my sketchbook with the other suggestions, too.

Anne Butera paintings watercolor houseplant portraits

To enter simply leave a comment on this post with your suggestion of a plant or flower for me to paint (note: it doesn't need to be something I have not painted before. Also, please be specific about color or variety -- for example, if you suggest "begonia" I'll have no idea which of the many, many varieties you're thinking of!).

Want more chances to win? You'll get another chance for each of the following:

  • follow me on Facebook
  • share my Facebook post about the giveaway
  • sign up for my newsletter
  • follow me on Instagram
  • regram my Instagram post (and tag me so I know you did)
  • pin a piece of my art on Pinterest (and let me know you did)
If you think of another way to share this giveaway, let me know and I'll add another chance for you.

The giveaway is open till next Tuesday and I'll announce the winner on Wednesday (February 18). 
The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!!

custom print giveaway by Anne Butera of My Giant Strawberry

Best of luck! I look forward to seeing all your plant and flower suggestions!


  1. Okay, I am totally in love with your work and honestly I just love to see you paint some pretty pink tulips! And should I happened to win, fingers crossed, it's going smack dab in my living room for all to see! But I love your work, and I'd love to just look at it!

  2. Oh this is difficult as I don't know if you want to paint from 'life' or from a photo! I don't think I have seen you paint a cactus before (I feel inspired to do this myself now!) So, a cactus that is in flower is my challenge to you Anne! :-)

  3. Love your artwork! I would vote for some forsythia branches to signal an early spring and rose buds on the way!

  4. Yes, please...I'd love to get in on this!
    My vote is for a painting of one of my favorite flowers: Fritillaria meleagris. I think you would do such a beautiful job capturing the detail of the petals. Hooray!

  5. Hmmm… how about a common-garden daffodil? It's a challenge because getting the yellow right is hard. x

  6. What fun! How about a pink geranium or pelargonium? I love them, whether they are light pink or dark pink or something in between :) A few also have amazing variegated leaves and I know how much you like to paint leaves!

  7. Oh my, how fun!
    I love your work, you do such an amazing job with detail.
    I am going to pick Zinnias. I grew Button Zinnias this past garden season, they were so different and fun.

    Looking forward to what you will create.
    xx oo

  8. Well, I hope you do all of the suggestions Anne. I would love to see them but I'm going to say Snake's head fritillary.

  9. This is such a fun idea Anne!
    This time of year I dream of snowdrops...

  10. Your work is just beautiful! I absolutely LOVE lilies!!! xxx

  11. an Iris and a Lily because that's my daughter's name

  12. I love your work ­čĺť I would love to see your version of a Muscari eg. Valerie Finnes, ligth blue - but then again I love them all (I receive your newsletter, follow Instagram and have pinned your art on Pinterest)


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