Interested in Learning How to Paint with Watercolor? A Resource Roundup

When I was teaching myself how to paint I had a hard time finding resources that could show me how to paint the way I wanted to. Possibly because there aren't any that fit with exactly what I had in mind (or, if there are, I haven't found them). I checked many books out from the library, picking up bits and pieces from each one, slowly building up my knowledge while also practicing, practicing, practicing.

For me the most valuable thing has just been to just keep painting. The more you paint, the better you will become. It takes practice and determination, a bit of stubbornness and faith that you can improve. (Need reassurance? Ira Glass's advice for beginners is perfect).

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For some reason I didn't look to the internet for instruction. Or maybe I did and had trouble finding what I was looking for (I can't really remember). There's a lot out there. Just doing a google search or popping around on Pinterest will bring up many resources. It's hard to know where and how to get started, but don't let that put you off. The most important thing is to start. And then to keep going.

I've gathered some tutorials and information from a variety of artists who work in watercolor to help you narrow things down a bit. Each artist has her own favorite materials. Each has her own way of working. Each has her own style. Try what speaks to you and eventually you'll find your own.

I hope you'll find something useful or inspiring in my list. If you have a yearning (even a tiny secret one) to learn how to paint, stop putting it off. (Read Susan Branch's story of how she learned to paint -- you never know what's inside of you just waiting to get out).

Do you have a favorite resource for art tutorials? Or favorite advice from an artist? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Thank you Anne. I'm continually fascinated by how people paint. I love to learn so I will be checking out you links. :)

    1. I'm fascinated by how people paint, too!

      Hope you can find some inspiration in my links! :)

  2. Thank you for putting this together, Anne! An incredible resource. :D

  3. Your painting inspires me . . . and once again, I'm so in awe that people using virtually identical materials & supplies always seem to come up with completely unique finished projects.

    1. Thank you, Madeline!

      You're so right. It's amazing how even with the same subject matter as well as tools and supplies, each artist has her own unique end product.

      Happy painting!


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