Savor Summer -- Joy List Monday

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  • taking the dogs out before bed and watching fireflies
  • sunflowers
  • the first ripe tomatoes
  • a robin's nest in the lilac tree outside the living room window
  • frog songs, bird songs & the first cicadas
  • the smell of water from the hose
  • honeybees enjoying the borage
  • a summery, thrifted table runner
  • long walks
What's bringing you joy today?


  1. It seems we've both been watching the honeybees! I love that sunflower - so cheery! Have a lovely week Anne.

    1. I've been so happy to see them in my garden, considering their decreasing numbers. Someday I'd love to keep bees, too, but until then I just enjoy them as visitors!

      Hope your week is lovely, too!

  2. drawing with colored pencils
    a wild thunderstorm
    bumping into lovely neighbors at the food co-op
    making salads early in the morning, before the hot creeps in
    writing a thank you note, because, you know, gratitude is special
    reading your list, anne!

    1. Reading your list brings me joy, too! Such delicious summer joy!

  3. I love this!!

    Fresh lettuce :-)
    Warm hugs from my boys
    Storm clouds that pass over

  4. Playing in the pool with the kids. The Minions. Trip to NYC. Birthday parties.

  5. A light blue striped vase with one big pink hydrangea and one big blue hydrangea on the windowsill.

    1. Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your joy!


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