Joy List Monday -- A Summer Love Song

Last week the weather abruptly changed from summer to fall. Hot one day. Cold and rainy the next. My mood plummeted and would not improve. The cold, dark and rain lasted day after day. There were other things bringing me down, but I think the weather was the biggest influence. On Thursday afternoon the sun came out again and I went outside to do my daily sketch in the garden in the sun. It felt amazing. My mood was suddenly sunny again.

summer, savor summer, barefoot, nasturtiums, cucumbers, vintage apron, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

More than anything, it made me think about how I really need to be paying attention to all the things I love about the summer and savoring each one before the season shifts for real. In my journal I made list after list. Joy lists. Gratitude lists. Beauty lists. In my large sketchbook I filled the page with words. A love song. A reminder.

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sweet peas, savor summer, vintage pitcher, Avon Pitcher, pink, blue, mint, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

Savor each moment. Look. Listen. Smell. Taste. Enjoy the feel of the grass on my bare toes. Enjoy the hummingbirds sipping from my flowers. The warm air. The meals harvested from the garden.

savor summer, onions, gardening, harvesting, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

The rustle of the green leaves overhead. So many tiny, beautiful, magical details. So many tiny joys. Flowers. Sunshine. Butterflies. Birds.

tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sun gold, sun sugar, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

Sometimes I need shaking up. I need a reminder. I need to be conscious about not overlooking all of the beauty and joy. I need to be conscious about feeling grateful. All. The. Time.

I know not all of you love the summer like I do, but I know that there are things in your day -- today, right now -- to savor, to be grateful for. Pay attention. Don't let them slip by unnoticed. And give yourself a break. Take time to enjoy the beautiful days before they're gone for the year. Play hooky. Be forgiving about your to-do list. I know I'll look back at that time in the sun with joy when I'm stuck inside on a snowy day and I bet you will, too.


  1. Oh, yes, yes, yes.
    There are opportunities for celebration all around us.
    Love you list today.

  2. had a lot of fun doing my list this morning - thanks

  3. We had a ferocious blast of summer on Saturday and now it looks like autumn has set in. Summer came early this year. I love the photo of the sweet peas in the milk glass jar - beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Simone. I guess weather is always a strange thing. Never know what to expect and rarely is it what it's "supposed to be". Guess we'll never be bored with it. :)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Anne!! Well said!

  5. Well said, Anne! It was a sudden change of season. I think it will warm up again for a few weeks I hope. Autumn does not officially start until September 23 :-) We have to hope for a few more weeks, right? :-))

    1. Yes, there is always hope. And often we can have lovely weather September and October. I'm hoping for a nice, long Indian summer this year! :)

  6. Anne I love your feet!!!! and all of you! beautiful, inspiring and nourishing post. Thank you so much for sharing


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