Joy List Monday

Even though Savor Summer is over, I'm going to continue with my summer savoring Joy Lists on Monday for a while. I hope you'll join me in noticing life's little beauties, joys and graces and taking a moment to be grateful for them.

  • fennel in my garden
  • handfulls of cherry tomatoes every day
  • cucumbers getting fat on the vines
  • quiet, cool mornings
  • hummingbirds
  • butterflies
  • inspiration everywhere
  • checking furniture makeover projects off my list
  • bouquets of flowers all over the house
  • hanging laundry on the clothesline
  • cicada song


  1. I bet the fennel smells wonderful! I have been able to hang laundry on the clothesline too recently. Have a lovely week Anne. :-)

    1. It does. And it tastes good, too. I'm hoping to collect the seeds to cook with. Great in stews and pasta sauces.

      Hope you're having a lovely week there. Our weather has been unbelievable! Maybe yours has been nice, too?

  2. I love your list. I have been enjoying butterflies, roses, lavender and the farm stand goodies (corn, tomato, cucumbers) that are showing up in abundance around here. Its still summer here but CU college students are trickling back into town so I know fall is on its way. I'm going to go to every garage sale and flea market I can get to before its over :)

    1. Yes, fall is fast approaching (school supplies in the stores...), but I'm going to enjoy the summer as much as I can until it's here for real. Sounds like you are, too!

  3. Always enjoy this post. :-))
    I love hanging up laundry to dry. It smells so good.

    1. Thanks, Carla! I love how it smells, too. And how nice and wrinkle-free my sheets are when I hang them on the line.

      Hope you've been having a lovely week!

  4. Love your list. Mine is very similar minus the fennel, cukes and furniture. I will add corn and eating meals outside. :)


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