30 Days 30 Paintings, Day 24 -- a Tiny Philodendron

Just like I knew I wanted to do a tiny portrait of my fiddle leaf fig, when I was thinking about painting miniatures of houseplants I knew I also wanted to do a tiny portrait of Matthias' philodendron. I'm not sure why. I have prettier houseplants. More colorful houseplants, but these two went to the top of the list.

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And yes, this is one of the plants that needs to be repotted. The real plant's roots aren't escaping the pot like this, but if you look from above you can see them tangled up on top the soil.

I had to mix more terra cotta paint and like this mix better. I should probably keep track of my favorite combination of colors because I paint so many clay pots, but I kind of like to mix it a bit differently each time. After all, every real flower pot looks slightly different.


  1. Beautiful!


  2. It has just struck me how perfectly miniature this painting is Anne in comparison with the palette. It really makes me want to dig out my water colour paints but I have so many projects on the go at the moment. I am a big fan of the tiny! :-)

    1. Thank you, Simone! Miniature can really be fun and it's nice because it's less of a time commitment than something bigger. I hope that you're enjoying working on whichever project is inspiring you at the moment!


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