30 Days 30 Paintings, Day 26 -- One More Tiny Plant

I couldn't make up my mind which plant to paint today. Nothing seemed just right. So maybe I shouldn't have painted any at all. But I did. I chose my only other "foliage" plant (unless you consider begonias foliage plants, in which case you can tag on "other than begonias" to that statement).

watercolor houseplant portrait, miniature watercolor, 30 paintings 30 days, Spathiphyllum, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

My spathiphyllum plant was rescued from the fire escape of our apartment maybe 16 years ago. As in, rescued from the trash. I can't remember if it was this plant or the sansevieria I also rescued from the fire escape that was supported with wrappings of electrical tape. Poor things. The sansevieria was eventually destroyed one summer by squirrels digging in the pot, but this plant is still hanging in there. I'm not sure why because I neglect it terribly. It's so tight in its pot (which is heavy, glazed ceramic and shaped even more ludicrously than the one I painted here) that I'd have to break the pot to get it out. It could use some trimming and a bath, too.

Geez, I sound like a plant torturer. At least I painted a happy plant.


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