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Sometimes I'm still startled by how important sketchbooks have become to me over the past year. I used to have so much anxiety about them. The 2x2 Sketchbook project and then my own daily sketchbook helped change that. Slowly but surely.

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My drawing and sketching has been learned by doing, perhaps not the most effective way to do it (I do think that all real learning and definitely all progress is impossible without our own hard work -- you'll never learn to draw if you only attend classes or watch tutorials; you need to draw to learn to draw). And although I believe that each of us needs to chart our own creative course, I think it's also fun and helpful to get another perspective and learn from others' experience.

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Because winter is the perfect time to learn something new, I've compiled some resources that I hope will inspire you if you're interested in drawing and sketching or working in a sketchbook (note: some of these sites offer paid, subscription content. A few will give you a free trial and some also provide free resources as well as paid):
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If you keep a sketchbook or like to draw, I'd love to hear about any resources, whether they're books, websites, blogs or even in-person classes, you've found to be helpful or even just fun and inspiring.

Or maybe you aren't interested in drawing and sketching? I'd love to hear what other creative adventures you'd like to take this winter.


  1. I love sketchbooks and seem to have a collection. Using them is more of a problem. I've done some of my best drawing on the backs of used printer paper...like I'm only comfortable using something whose next stop is the trash anyway!

    1. Hi, Jane!

      Yes, I can totally relate to how intimidating sketchbooks can be. Maybe you should make your own using all sorts of recycled bits and pieces. It doesn't really matter what you're using for your sketchbook practice as long as you're doing it.


      Enjoy your creating!

  2. Thank you for all the links and resources you have supplied Anne. I haven't sketched for ages again - fallen out of the habit. I do agree that we learn the best by doing and also by dedication! I haven't mentioned for a while about your photography Anne and the way you carefully position the items to be photographed. That is an art in itself. I hope you have a lovely weekend :-)

    1. Hi, Simone, I hope you're maybe feeling a bit inspired to try some sketching again, although if you're on another inspiration train, keep going with that! You seem to always be creating interesting things!

      Thanks so much for what you've said about my photography! I'm trying to be more intentional with it and I've found that I have been taking fewer photographs than I have in the past. I have "take more photographs" hung up in my studio as a reminder, but sometimes I think we just need to process life without a camera.

      Hope your weekend was lovely!

  3. These are such great resources, thank you Anne! I admit I haven't drawn or sketched in a million years but I know just where to come for inspiration when I do. ;) As for other creative adventures, admittedly they've all been house oriented these days. Nothing too exciting but necessary! :)

    1. House projects are exciting in their own way. You have already come so far with your sweet home and I can only imagine how lovely it will be when you're "finished" (yes, I know, a house is never finished... kind of like a garden, but not always as fun).

      Enjoy and I hope you'll be sharing some more befores and afters on your blog. :)


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