My focus, lately has been distracted by putting together a pattern for Spoonflower's newest design challenge.

That's what those teapots and lotus paintings I shared last week were for.

I had a vision and it kept changing and so I kept revising my pattern. Changing the elements. Changing the colors (and changing them again). Never quite happy with it. Never quite certain.

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There were quite a few other versions than these. And I'm still not quite certain. Not sure of the scale. Not sure of the background color. Not sure which arrangement and complexity I like best.

That's one thing about designing on the computer. The elements are so easily changed that it makes changing them... less thoughtful, perhaps. I can say, "let's see how it would look like this" and then tumble down the rabbit hole of trying 10 different options for background color. When I'm making a painting, at least with watercolor, I can't so easily change the elements. I need to be more decisive. I place an element and that's where it will stay. I choose a color and that's the color it will be.

Matthias is sick of me asking his opinion, especially since his aesthetic ideas of what the theme "Japanese Garden" means is different than mine.

I think I've made my decision. Sitting here writing this post and looking at the patterns all lined up on the screen has helped. I need to enter my design by tomorrow morning and then voting for this contest runs from the 21st through the 27th. On Friday on my blog I'll share which design I've chosen and link to voting for the contest.

There's also a giveaway from Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns that anyone can enter for a chance to win $50 in Sprout credit (follow this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page for details).

My pattern has me in the mood for sipping a cup of tea in the garden. We don't have cherry blossoms blooming quite yet, but my daffodils have opened and things are beginning.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful week.


  1. Your designs are wonderful Anne. I love them all but I think that the one at the bottom right is my favourite. Have a lovely week :-)

    1. Thank you, Simone! Hope you're having a lovely week, too!

      p.s. that one was my favorite, too. :)

  2. They are all so pretty Anne. I can't wait to see what one you chose to submit.


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