turning the calendar page

It's the first of April and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the thought that the year is 1/4 over.

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April. Springtime.

I'm glad for the arrival of spring. I'm glad to see bulbs and perennials emerging from the ground. Birds courting and building nests. Goldfinches regaining their yellow feathers. The April page on my calendar is a joyful reminder that the violas and pansies will be blooming soon.

It's a little harder for me to turn the pages of my planner binder and look through all the plans and goals and objectives from March (and February) that remain unfinished, unmet.

I know I'm the only person who knows about my ever-expanding to-do list. I'm the only one who knows whether or not I'm crossing off items from that list. Missing a self-imposed deadline isn't letting anyone (but me) down.

I also know that this detour, the challenges of this year are not within my control. Life is unexpected. Life is unpredictable. And sometimes, I think, life abhors a plan, or at least a human plan.

And so, where does that leave me? Where does that leave us?

I think I need to let go of judgement and criticism. It's good to have "review month" in my plan, but only if it helps me to move forward. Celebrate the good, consider the next steps, but don't agonize over what went wrong or what didn't happen. Turning the page of the calendar is the chance for a fresh start. Embrace it.

Today it's my intention to do just that. I hope you will, too. Happy April!


  1. Happy April Anne! As someone on the outside looking in I think you have achieved a lot this year. You can achieve in one day that which takes me days to do! If you miss a deadline it doesn't matter in the great scheme of things. Just extend the deadline or do away with it altogether! Wishing you a weekend of sweet specks of joy! :-)

    1. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, Simone. I guess we all can be hard on ourselves and critical of what we are or are not accomplishing. I think we need to be a bit gentler, don't you? And, yes, sometimes we need to prune out projects that no longer resonate. It's always a good way to get a fresh start.

      Happy April to you, too, Simone. Hope the first week of this month has been a good one, filled with joy and creativity!


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