2x2: 2 Artists, 2 Sketchbooks -- Week 61

When Dana sent me the photos for this week she said, "I can't believe this is the last sketchbook spread I'm sending."

What?!?!? I wanted to say, no, you forgot something. But, she didn't. The book I sent her half-completed is now totally filled up. The book she sent me has one more page for me to finish.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around.

2x2, 2x2 Sketchbook, #2x2sketchbook, watercolor, patchwork, collage, knitting, Dana Barbieri, Anne Butera, artist collaboration
Dana (l), Anne (r)

My page this week was the last of my watercolor patchwork collages. They were fun to make. And looking at these two pages together I imagine a bed in a vacation cottage with a patchwork quilt and a knitted blanket.

2x2, 2x2 Sketchbook, #2x2sketchbook, watercolor, patchwork, collage, knitting, Dana Barbieri, Anne Butera, artist collaboration
Dana (l), Anne (r)

I imagine climbing into bed a little bit sunburned, hair smelling like fresh air and sweet lake water and pulling up the soft, worn quilt (line dried and smelling of sunshine) and cozy knitted blanket before falling into a deep, blissful sleep.

A lovely end to this sketchbook.

There's one more week to our project so be sure to check back next Wednesday for the final page from the sketchbook I've been working in and next Friday for our final 2x2 Sketchbook posts, celebrating the end of our collaboration.

Don't forget to check out Dana's blog for her take on this week's pages, too!

About the project (get the full story on the 2x2 web page):

2x2: 2 Artists, 2 Sketchbooks is a collaboration between artists Dana Barbieri and Anne Butera. Dana and Anne met in an online painting class. Although they have never met in person, they have become friends through regular visits to each others' blogs. It was through this connection that this project began. Wanting to move from friendship to collaboration, each spent two months filling one half of a sketchbook before mailing it off to the other. Dana worked on the lefthand pages and Anne on the right. Each will be responding to the other's work on the adjacent sketchbook pages over the coming year. Watch weekly as they reveal another page of their story.

About the artists:

Dana is an artist and crafter living in the foothills of the Catskill mountains two hours north of New York City with her husband, two children and little kitty. She is passionate about painting, knitting, crochet, color, pattern and design.

Anne is an artist, writer and crafter who finds inspiration and joy in the beauty of her garden and the magic of nature. Dissatisfied with and disheartened by the pace and lifestyle of the city, she and her husband (with their two rescued greyhounds) relocated to a small town in the beautiful Driftless region in southwest Wisconsin with the goal of living a slower, simpler, more intentional life.

*photos in this post by Dana Barbieri


  1. That's such a lovely thought Anne. I think you really need to make that quilt and I will knit you that blanket. :)

    1. Maybe we should be designing bedding collections! :) So many of our spreads would lend themselves to that.

      I loved reading about your process, too! I hope you do more dyeing; your experiment turned out so beautifully! The blue you used is almost indigo and has me thinking about the Shibori projects I'd like to tackle this summer.

  2. I can't believe the project is nearly over too! Quilts and blankets are a lovely way to end. :)

    1. I know!

      If you didn't read on her blog about how Dana created her square, you should pop over and take a look. I love it even more after reading her process.

      Have a great weekend!


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