listening to messages from the universe

Sometimes you need to let go of what you're thinking and listen to the messages you're getting from the universe.

I'm not always so good at this.

Yesterday technical issues were practically screaming at me to take a break and yet I kept banging my head against the wall of frustration. Just a little more and I'll be done, I kept saying. And yet that didn't work.

Finally, I got the message and sat down with my sketchbooks.

sketchbooks, watercolor, colored pencil, pen, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

I wish I'd been listening earlier.

I hope you're able to heed the universe's messages and have a lovely, creative, joy-filled weekend.


  1. I am glad you got your sketchbooks out. I was frustrated on Monday as I was trying to wire wrap some beads but it just wasn't working out. I shifted my focus to something else which ended up being a success. Sometimes when we veer off course it is meant to be. I hope you too have a creative and joy-filled weekend Anne. Are you doing anything special? :)

    1. Shifting focus always helps, I think. It's so easy to get swept up in what we're doing (even when it's not going well) and forget that.

      Still trying to figure out just what to fit into the weekend, but I'm leaning towards cozy, low-key relaxing mixed with art for its own sake.


  2. Your sketchbook drawings are lovely! Hope the "technical difficulties" weren't related to your upcoming nasturtium Skillshare class; I'm really looking forward to the release.

    1. Thank you, Jo. They were, in part, but the class is now up on Skillshare and I've let go of my frustrations.

      Wishing you joy!

  3. Sorry you had trouble Anne. Glad you took a breather and have fun in your sketchbook. It really is so hard to learn this lesson. I'm not so good at it myself.

    1. It's ok, Dana. I'll learn my lesson eventually! I think I'm just a very slow learner on this point. :)

      I was missing working in my sketchbook. It had been days (which seemed like forever!). Some day I'll get organized with a schedule and habits that work.


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