My New Skillshare Class is Here!

On Monday I mentioned that I was working on my newest Skillshare class. And now it's here!

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This one steps back a bit and shares some exercises for mixing and playing with watercolor to help you learn its properties in a no-pressure way.

When I was first starting teaching myself to paint I jumped right in trying to paint things. Flowers, mostly. At that point I didn't really know how watercolor worked. I didn't have the best supplies and none of the books I was finding about painting with watercolor showed the type of finished paintings I wanted to be making. Those books did explain how to mix colors, or at least I think they did. For the most part, I skipped past those pages. I wish I hadn't.

Somehow I muddled through and kept working at it, but in the beginning there was so much fear and nervousness. Even a small, simple painting took me a long time to complete, mostly because I was afraid of "messing up".

I wonder how different my journey would have been had I spent more time in the beginning just playing with and experimenting with paint. When you're doing that sort of painting, there is no "messing up".

On this side of things mixing colors is one of my favorite parts of creating a painting. There's something so joyful about focusing on color, watching paint combine to form something new, arranging a palette filled with many hues, seeing how those colors react on paper.

I want to share that joy.

This class was fun to put together and I hope that it will be fun and inspiring for you, too.

You can enroll here. If you haven't yet signed up for Skillshare, you can join for an introductory price of $0.99 for three months.*

On a side note, one thing that can be a challenge when filming videos is that there are a lot of outside noises from traffic and from neighbors that can get in the way. If someone starts mowing their lawn or the church bells start ringing or it's garbage day and the trash truck is coming down the road I need to stop recording.

In this class there's an instance of traffic noise that I chose to leave in. It makes me a little silly with joy, actually. It's the sound of a horse and buggy traveling down the road. Living in an area with a large population of Amish makes this a daily occurrence and yet I'm happy every time I hear the sound.

I think of it as another reminder to notice, appreciate and savor life's little joys.

*The regular price for a premium Skillshare membership is $12 a month or $8 a month if you pay for a whole year -- there are also scholarships available for those in need.