Joy List Monday -- Spring Joy

One of the things I asked in my survey was whether or not you keep Joy Lists. None of you who responded said that you write them every day. About 40% keep them sometimes. The rest either don't write Joy Lists or mean to but never get around to it.

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I get it.

Lately, the only Joy Lists I write are here on my blog. It makes me feel a bit of a hypocrite. Writing Joy Lists, practicing gratitude, is important. I encourage you to write them, to make a practice of writing them daily. I used to write them daily. Now I keep meaning to, but...

It's just another symptom of this fast pace I'm on. That I don't want to be on. I'm finding messages every day to SLOW DOWN. And yet, it's hard.

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I don't really have any answers. All we can do is just keep trying. All we can do is try to make the best of each day. To savor each day. To be grateful for life's joys and beauties, for life's magic.

maple tree, spring, maple flowers, maple leaves, blue skies, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

Something as simple as the trees leafing out in the spring is magical. It deserves our attention. I don't ever want to be too "busy" to notice it and be grateful for it.

I've been thinking about cutting these weekly Joy Lists from my blog. Half of you who responded to my survey count them as some of your favorite posts. I started including them as a weekly feature, in part because I thought they'd be quick (they often sprawl into something other than that) and in part to encourage me (and you) in the practice of keeping Joy Lists.

Whether I decide to keep going with Joy Lists as a weekly feature on my blog or not, I'm encouraging you to write one today.

Joy List Monday: 

a weekly ritual
a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties and graces that make life magical and to set aside time for gratitude each day

Today's list:

  • spring weather
  • a perfect weekend
  • celebrating my Dad's birthday with two special dinners and a breakfast!
  • the first farmers market of the year, now back in place in the middle of town (just a few blocks from our house)
  • time spent gardening
  • recent customer feedback (including these reviews and another email from a customer with a photo of her 9 prints hung in her home)
  • a trip to Decorah, Iowa for the Seed Savers Exchange Spring plant sale
  • taking the scenic route
  • laughter
  • plans to garden shop at some of the Amish greenhouses with my mom today (our area has so many of them!)
I hope your list is long.

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  1. I must admit Anne that sometimes I struggle to find joy. Coming here to see the joy list on Monday makes me consider what I have to be joyful about in my life and I am usually able to think of such things. Today's joy list:

    The hope of the warmer, brighter, weather returning.
    Gizmo returning to normal health after a short spell of sickness.
    Laughing with colleagues at work.
    Getting a more even life/work balance.
    Seeing karma in action!

    Have a lovely joyful week Anne. I hope you get to spend lots of time in the garden. :)

    1. I think we all struggle to find joy sometimes, Simone. It's important, though, to remember to look for it. I'm glad that visiting here serves as a reminder to you!

      Thanks for sharing your list! I'm glad that you are finding some joy (and that Gizmo is feeling better). Here's to the sunshine. Maybe it's arrived there?

      Wishing you a joy filled week!

  2. Gentle reminder...when writing a joy list becomes an obligation or chore it may defeat the purpose of keeping one.
    Being open to joy and recognizing it when we stumble upon it and simply appreciating it in the moment...over and over THERE'S an easy practice!

  3. I was thinking the same thing Karen L R wrote. It's too easy for something like keeping a joy "list" to morph into a chore for me. I have to guard against that. I find joy comes fairly easy for me when I stay in tune with the Creator. Making Him the focus of my joy generates more joy in the ordinaries that I encounter. Just my thoughts. Hugs, Nancy

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Nancy! Your comment and Karens had me thinking a lot this weekend and inspired today's post.

      Hugs back to you, my friend!

  4. Spring season always bring lots of joy and colours with it. It is the time to celebrate and enjoy with your family and friends. I hope you have a lovely week.


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