Practice, Rest, Change

I'm writing this at a desk that, although usually cluttered, is now almost completely empty. And the rest of my studio is in a chaotic state of transition.

For a couple weeks as I sat and wrote in my journal I'd look up at my studio wall and think about how I should really re-organize, purge and finally finish aligning my studio with how I work today. Buttons, crochet hooks, crochet thread, yarn... these things don't need to be on display or easily to-hand for the everyday workings of my studio. But then I'd get tired by the idea of all the work involved (after all, I've done it before). I set the idea aside as a winter project.

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At the same time I was ignoring the increasing pain I felt in my wrist as I worked at my computer, wrote in my journal, and eventually, also, as I painted. After doing some research and talking with Matthias I knew I'd have to do something about it. Changing my computer work area is part of that something. Re-arranging, reorganizing and decluttering became rolled up in the project, too.

I find it a bit ironic that just after extolling the value of daily art and practicing, I suddenly have to take a break.

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They say that change is the only constant. Sometimes, though, I want to hunker down and keep things just as they were.

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I rested this past weekend. Or tried to. I spent the days out in the garden -- inevitably weeding, trimming and tying things up -- but also observing and noticing and savoring the details I'm usually too much in a rush to see.

garden, summer, lilies, oriental lilies, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

August is here and I have lots of plans for it (and beyond), but I'll also be listening to my body. I'll be resting. Rejuvenating. Nourishing. Myself. My studio. My business.

As part of the ebb and flow of creativity (and life), it's good to pause sometimes. To be still. To be quiet. To think and imagine and plan. All too often such stillness, without progress, without forward motion, can feel like idleness, like wasted time. It's not. I need to remind myself of that.

Maybe you need the reminder, too?

I'll be back on Friday with an inspiring Artist Interview that I can't wait to share with you. See you then!


  1. I've been in a creative slump lately. It may have something to do with the sad state of my sewing studio. I've just committed to something that will require a huge overhaul. It feels daunting. But it will be worth the effort, to have a fresh start.
    Happy nourishing, Anne! Take the time you need to rest.
    (And those lilies!!! Amazing!)

    1. Hi, Karen. So sorry for not responding earlier. I can totally relate to how much our environments can affect our creativity. I hope that your overhaul has gone smoothly and that you're back to your creative state of mind!

      Oh, those lilies! I think they're called Salmon Star or something like that. I planted them this year and they ended up being so lovely! I have some stargazers, too, though I think none of them quite get enough sun. My mom has the most amazing lilies in her garden and she sent me how with an armload that's been fragrancing the whole house. So wonderful!

  2. A bit down Anne, I send out coupons to friends, bushiness and others. S.L.O.W in the flower business. I was really down Monday - Wednesday of this week. I opened my self serve stand. No can be hard, because I know the flowers will only be here for a few more weeks. Oh well, keep my chin up, right!
    I do not live in an area that is really big on spending money for flowers. I have a friend / mentor who lives 45 minuets to Milwaukee. She sells in Milwaukee, she does so well.
    I am just blabbing out loud, thank you for listening.
    Thank you for letting me vent out to you.

    1. Sending you hugs, my friend. Sorry it took me so long to get back to your comment here. I can understand how it could be difficult to drum up business in your area and your business is so tied to this fleeting season. You'll figure things out. Things take time (which can be frustrating, I know). Sit with your down feelings when they arrive and let them be while also embracing the joy.

      I hope this week is better for you!!


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