perfect days

Has your weather been as heavenly as ours has?

Signs of spring abound. Everything is budding and sprouting and growing. I had plans for the week that never quite happened thanks to the beautiful weather.

I now have a new gardening pal. It was the first day that the dogs and I were able to spend out in the yard and I realized that it was probably the first time in their lives that they'd spent the day outside, free to do whatever they wanted. They didn't quite know what to do at first. But they caught on. They also adjusted quickly to a full day of park visiting when Matthias and I ended up with an unexpected day off together (with our work schedules, that is a rare thing). Over six miles of walking at three parks.

They were exhausted by the end of the day, but I can't get enough of spring.

And the beauty of the woods. Magical as everything awakes.

I hope you've been able to enjoy some time spent outdoors, too.

As for enJoying, if you wanted to join my Handmade Joy Exchange, you still have one more day to send me an email. The exchange technically closes tonight, but as long as I get your email by tomorrow morning before I start matching everyone up, I'll include you. I hope you'll join us! The exchanged is now closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up!!


  1. Here it was a lovely day, too!! I stayed out in the garden, crocheting!! ...and I can feel my skin a bit "sun kissed" now (if you understand what I mean)...that's a good sensation!!
    I beg your dogs enjoyed staying out all day, mine loved it!!..she passed away two months ago, and I miss her!

  2. six miles!! You spoil those boys ;)

  3. That looks fantastic!! We've actually been having a bit of a cold spell here which really isn't anything to complain about since it's always mild here anyway! Glad you got to enjoy a day off with your honey :)

  4. 79 degrees in Burlington, VT on Sunday afternoon, as I drove to the airport. Very, very bizzarre. I'm now in Cincinnati where the fruit trees are in full bloom.

    It just doesn't feel right to me. I worry about what it portends...

  5. Maybe I should be worried about the weird weather. There's "always" snow on my birthday (it's this Thursday!) but not this year and I have to say I'm happy about it!

    We can't spoil the pups enough!



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