Joy List Monday

Here's another Joy list for today:

It's sunny here and although it's cold and there's still snow on the ground, taking a long walk with the sun on my face felt so good. Spring is coming. I see bulbs coming up everywhere. And the birds are courting. I am itching to be out there. I am ready for flowers. I recently was looking through my old photos and was reminded of how much I have to look forward to and how beautiful my garden is and how much I miss it. It's funny how I forget just exactly what spring and summer are like. For now I have to content myself with grocery store roses. Soon I'll have lots just outside my door.

I hope your week is off to a Joyful start! Oh, and if you are interested in joining the Handmade Joy Exchange, there's still time. We have 9 people so far. Also, to celebrate the coming spring, my birthday month and the reopening of my Etsy shop, I'm having a sale!

What's bringing you Joy today?


  1. Beautiful joy list, Anne! It's wonderful that you have your roses to look forward to!!

  2. What a lot of joys for a Monday! Keep working with Photoshop - there's a bit of a learning curve but its worth it. If you want to explore some great photo processing actions for Photoshop, take a look at Florabella Collection's offerings. (Actions are automated functions bundled into one step.) I use her "classic workflow" actions and love them. I also like her Luxe II collection. Enjoy your week!

  3. Your peachy pink roses set against the green is bringing me joy today Anne.!


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