Monday Joy to Cheer Me Up

When I first started writing Joy lists in early January of last year, my intentions were, mostly, to cheer myself up. I was coming through a rough time and needed to do something. It really did work. Focusing on Joy helps you to see that Joy is everywhere. Sometimes it's easy to forget. Or just to get bogged down in negatives. Even silly negatives. It's funny how those silly little things can get you down. The weather. Your hair. I'm guilty of it. All the time. Today, actually, both were making me grumpy. A bad haircut. Rain. But I'm in my cozy house with my sweeties (finned, four-legged and two-legged). I had a nice chat with my mom. I ate some yummy snacks. I'm wearing a comfy, stripy sweater... the list goes on and on. Because I've found that once you start thinking of things, more and more things come to mind.

It's the getting started that's the hardest part. But then, that's true for everything, isn't it?

Yesterday I spent a long time journaling. I used to fill book after book but I started my current journal last July and I'm still only 2/3 through it. Sitting down to think about things and to write them down felt good. I need to make time for it more often. And I've realized that no matter how my mood fluctuates or what is going on around me, I am still me. And I like that. I like that the same things bring me Joy again and again. I like that I have countless ideas.

Is my life perfect? Of course not, but what life is? It is, however, perfectly mine. I wish as much for you.

What's bringing you Joy today?

The Handmade Joy Exchange is now closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up!
p.s. The Handmade Joy Exchange is open till tomorrow early afternoon. I would love to keep it open longer, but I want to send out the matches before I leave on my adventure. Thank you to everyone who's signed up! We're now up to 13 in 5 countries and 8 US states. A total of 15 people are participating from 6 countries and 9 US states. I'm excited. Thank you, also, to those who mentioned the exchange on their blogs. Karen and Baukje, that means you!


  1. Great joy list, and those photos...!!! The two dogs on that beautiful bed - classic!! And the colors in that plant - gorgeous!! Those two photos brought ME joy!! Also a class at Apple to make me more savvy on my computer!!

  2. I am so curious about your adventure!


  3. Oh, man I totally need to write one today. Like you said though, hard to start. I am going to blog about your joy exchange today. :)

  4. Is that the frog bog?? Love your shamrock. One of the few things about being out in the country is not being closer to my favorite garden centers to find treasures like that plant!
    Knowing about your upcoming adventure gives ME joy.

  5. It is great you have 'cheese' on your joy list!!! I can't wait to find out about your upcoming adventure!

  6. Hi Anne, you are so right 'It's funny how those silly little things can get you down' I felt like that yesterday and then in the evening I read your post and felt so much better. Thank you so much Anne. Magical photos. Big hugs to you.

  7. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Go here: for the details!

  8. Hi Anne! Well I'm curious to find out what your adventure is, are you on it now?

    Quickly... I found a little joy this evening reading your blog, seeing your pretty little pen, your sleeping hounds, your gorgeous hand writing and of course that fantastic oxalis. Oh! to die for, but you know I'm a sucker for your ultra healthy plants ;)

    xx Jaime


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