Handmade Joy Exchange

Way back in February I posted an invitation to join the 2nd Handmade Joy Exchange. Do you remember that? It seems so long ago. 14 people from 9 states and 5 countries joined me for the swap. I had fun creating my little bits for the exchange and packaging them up.

And I was so excited by the photos that started arriving in my inbox. The group was so talented.

What a delight, too, to find a package in my mailbox.

A scarf, a bracelet, a book made from handpainted paper and a handpainted card. Total Joy from sweet Glenda.

But then came the hard part. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting. For the postal systems to do their jobs. I kept hoping that that last package would finally arrive. Unfortunately as of right now, it still has not.

Disappointing, yes, but even so, I want to celebrate the creativity and generosity of each of my participants, finally. Artists, crafters, bloggers... kind, generous people, each and every one. Each creating and spreading Joy. A huge "Thank you" to each of you!

From the US...

Bobbi in Utah (and what she made here)

Dana in New York (and what she received here)

Danielle in Ohio

Glenda in Nevada

Judy in Massachusetts 

Karen in Connecticut (and Vermont)

Michelle in Virginia

Sharon in Colorado

Sharon in Wisconsin

From other parts of the world:

Baukje in France

Laura in England

Mara in Greece

Sally in New Zealand

Sarita in Mexico

Stop by and say, "Hello."


  1. Thank you, Anne, for hosting this Handmade Joy exchange! I enjoyed participating and seeing all the lovely things people made!

  2. Hello Anne!!!
    Thank you a lot, again, for organising the Joy Exchange! It's a wonderful experience and I loved participating!

  3. What a wonderful assortment of beautiful handwork! I really enjoyed visiting the other blogs and I so appreciate the time you put into organizing this, Anne. A very lovely experience!

  4. So much handmade joy! Thanks again, Anne.


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